Chapter 6: Environmental Impact Assessment

The EIA of this FMU was approved by the Controller of Natural Resources and Environment Board Sarawak on 23rd September, 2013 to follow terms and conditions of approval in accordance with the provisions of Natural Resources and Environment Ordinance 1993 and Natural Resources & Environment (Prescribed Activities) Order, 1994.

The FMU is conducting Internal Environmental Compliance Audit (IECA) and External Environmental Compliance Audit (EECA) to replace Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR) to monitor the status of General Terms and Conditions and mitigations as required in the approved EIA.

Objectives of Environmental Impact Assessment

The objectives of the EIA are to identify, assess and propose appropriate mitigation measures for potential environmental, safety and health impacts arising from the forest harvesting activities in the FMU and to ensure proper management of the forest harvesting activities under RIL in order to reduce the environmental impacts.