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In tandem with the Sarawak Government’s Policy to have long term Forest Timber Licences certified in Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) by Year 2022, WTK has taken all necessary initiatives and action plans, for the start, to work on one (1) unit of FMU, the Entulu – Melatai FMU in Kapit Division, Sarawak. 

The aim towards Forest Management Certification is to grapple with sustainability of operation and compliance, based on a 25-year cutting cycle, an essential requirement of Sustainable Forest Management.

Entulu – Melatai Forest Management Unit (FMU) is situated at the upper reaches of Sg. Entulu and Sg. Entuloh.  This FMU covers a total area of 55,112 hectares under Forest Timber Licence No. T/3476, Interglobal Empire Sdn. Bhd., a 100% subsidiary of WTK Holdings Berhad.  The licence was issued on 6th December, 2006 and will expire on 5th December, 2022. 

The boundary of the FMU follows Sungai Entulu on the western side and the Malaysia/Indonesia international boundary on the southern side, then follows Sungai Melatai on the eastern side and share a common licence boundary with Forest Timber Licence Nos. T/3401 (STIDC) and T/3148 (First Count Sdn. Bhd.) on the northern side.  

Entulu – Melatai FMU can be reached by road from Nanga Gaat, which is about 65 KM upriver from Kapit town.

The topography of Entulu – Melatai FMU is considered as mountainous, with 81% of the licensed area been classified under Terrain Class III and 19% under Terrain Class IV respectively.

The underlying geological formation of the FMU is mainly skeletal soils and red-yellow podzolic soils; very shallow to moderately deep loamy sandy to clay on sedimentary and/or metamorphic rocks.  

Current vegetation of this FMU is predominantly consisting of Mixed Dipterocarp Forest (MDF).

There is no settlement inside or within 3 kilometer in radius of the Entulu – Melatai FMU.