Chapter 3: Management Plan Prescriptions

The management follows the tree felling cutting rules approved by Forest Department Sarawak.  The primary objectives for forest management of this FMP are:

  • Optimum utilization of the forest resources;
  • Regulation of the harvest on a sustained yield basis with strict adherence to RIL practice;
  • Regeneration of the forest and improvement of the stocking of commercial species by suitable silvicultural methods;
  • Monitoring the forest growth through forest mensuration and stand assessment besides ensuring the harvested volume of timber is not in excess of pre-assessment of the residual stand;
  • To adopt multiple-uses of forest to serve social, economic and environmental purposes on a sustainable basis within estimated budget to achieve economic viability;
  • Enhancing carbon storage in the forest ecosystem through minimal disturbance of forest;
  • Minimum disturbance or protection on soil and water and least environmental impacts to protect ecological diversity and resources;
  • Long term conservation and sustainable use of wildlife and HCVF areas in compliance with DF Circular 6/99;
  • To enhance local communal relationship and stress on the social benefits of forest to local communities, (if any); and
  • To respect worker’s right and ensure safe work place.

The FMU consists of uneven aged, thus, the management system was implemented for the harvesting of those mature and over-mature trees which will be based on several criteria, such as cutting cycle, cutting limit and the harvesting system.

  • The FMU is divided into 25 coupes based on 25-year cutting cycle.
  • The minimum cutting limits shall be 45 cm DBH and above for Non-Dipterocarps and 50 cm DBH and above for Dipterocarps.
  • The FMU adopt the Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) system using modified excavators and 100% tagging of trees harvested.

The FMP will be revised every 5 years to include and incorporate any new and practical recommendation from monitoring in order to keep the management plan on track to have an up-to-date resource data.